There are three main ways in which we share our expertise with our community, and enable them to develop their skills and build good habits. You can:

Become a member of our community

This will give you access to member-only content on our websites, and a fortnightly newsletter, delivered to your inbox. This will enable you to learn and develop your skills at your own pace, and on the subjects that you feel are most important to you. You will also be able to share expertise and good practice on a range of topics and issues that are relevant to your skills and areas of interest.

Attend our workshops

This will help you to learn more about the issues of the day in your industry, or brush up your skills in a particular area. Workshops include one-day intensive courses for thought leaders and subject matter experts to learn more about developing their message and ensuring it is heard. They are an invaluable way of building a network among subject matter experts and ensuring that you learn from the best in your industry.

Engage us to coach your subject matter experts

This will ensure that your business is more discoverable. Our coaching courses cover understanding your unique offering and development of a clear message, as well as how to use social and other channels to ensure that your message reaches your audience. Clear communication is only one part of being discoverable, and our coaching ensures that your subject matter experts are fully aware of all the issues. These courses are highly tailored to fit the specific goals of individuals, teams or organisations.

All our workshops, courses and content are backed by rigorous research across a wide range of sources, and expertise developed over many years. They are delivered through clear content and personal engagement with clients and community members. They are also tailored where necessary to meet specific needs of individuals, teams or groups.

We would love you to join our community. Get in touch to tell us how we can help you to develop further.