The truth about business managers new-old responsibilities of engagement

In the good old days the smart business owner decided that the extrovert guys should work in the field facing customers.  Later on, the concept of “Marketing” was invented for helping to shape messages regarding products and services.

Literally speaking, sales delivered the product to the market, nicely wrapped by Marketing.

Lately, content marketing is flirting with the concept of marketing that does more than simply “wrapping the product.” Instead, content marketing enters the market arena more directly by engaging with the buyers—thus bypassing sales to some extent. But can marketers walk the talk and are they supposed to?

The challenge lies in the fact that the more advanced digital communication routes to the market become, communication also becomes increasingly disconnected from Sales and prospective clients. We experience that Sales are often unsure of and uncomfortable with digital and social media marketing; whether being able to allocate sufficient time or adapting to a still more digitised world.

In comes content marketing as a means of engaging the market in a dialogue. Then again, who should initiate and carry this conversation? Can the marketer maintain a dialogue by himself? I surely think not!

To avoid causing content marketing to develop into pure 1-to-1 PR and advertising, we need to bring Sales on board. This means we need to transform content marketing with engaging communications and by leveraging the client connecting capabilities of our Sales department.

Leave the more advanced content curation and channel communications management to the competent hands of the marketeers, and allow Sales do what they’ve always been good at: engaging with clients.

Our Thought Leadership coaching programme help bridge marketeers urge to create relevant and compelling good dialogue with the people that we believe should ultimately keep engaging with the customers, the sales people and business managers.

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