Hungerithm: a story of artificial intelligence, anger, and a chocolate bar

Marketing is becoming increasingly data-driven. More and more companies are turning to analytics and insights, rather than gut feeling and creativity, as a way to drive sales. But is there a place for both analytics and creativity? A recent campaign for Snickers, the chocolate bar, suggests that the answer to this question is yes—and that

How Wakelet serves thought leaders and digital marketers

Storify has been around for about eight years, but has perhaps taken a while to become mainstream. There are, however, good reasons for digital marketers to use it. Here are some ways it could be a useful part of your toolkit. It allows you to pull together a story that happened using social media, whether

AI in clothes: The Open Style Lab way

  Technology as a part of fashion and technology and fashion as a force for good? It sounds unlikely, but one non-profit organisation in the US is showing that it is possible. What’s more, it is doing it through a process of co-creation that ensures that products really deliver what customers want. Improving access Government

Designing effective expertise marketing

Thought leadership is becoming both more ubiquitous, and a more important part of a content marketing strategy. However, many people are struggling to understand exactly what thought leadership means. In particular, they are wondering how to design thought leadership pieces and programmes so that they frame a coherent set of ideas and thoughts. Understanding scope

Is gamification finally finding its stride with business operations?

Gamification is the use of games to encourage particular behaviours, such as an app that gives points for healthy activities. It has been around a while, but in a fairly low-key way. However, 2018 may be the year in which gamification hits the mainstream. Digital transformation requires a change in mindset, and gamification could be

Re-thinking organisations: time for self-service decisions

The benefits of ‘intrapreneurs’, self-organisation and innovation labs have forced many companies to rethink how they work. We think this is leading to the concept of  ‘company as a platform’, but what does this mean? There is growing realisation that the speed of change has altered in a digital world – Digitalisation requires companies to think

Filtering ideas – the constructive pushback

IT helpdesks get a bad press. The phrase ‘Have you tried switching it off and switching it on again?’ has long since passed into folklore and we can all laugh about it. But now IT helpdesk staff are fighting back. Recently, the heretical suggestion has been raised that it might even be that we, the

Re-thinking sustainability

What exactly do we mean by ‘sustainability’? It used to be clear: the focus was on energy efficiency, not using too much water, and generally being environmentally friendly. Recent articles and discussions, however, suggest that the use of the term has broadened. Defining sustainability Paul Polman, the CEO of Unilever, argued in a lecture last

Closing the divide: from follower to leader in content globalisation

Content marketing is now mainstream. Everyone is doing it, and everyone understands its importance. A growing divide is opening up, however, between those who are doing it really well in a global context, and the rest. The best content marketing companies are better able to make their content relevant globally, and compare impact across markets.