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What do marketing analysts do?

Published on Storyhooks

With the steady march of digital marketing, a number of new marketing roles have emerged. For the uninitiated, this can cause some confusion, so here is our rundown on the main functions of a marketing analyst. Monitoring and evaluating customer acquisition initiatives - The first area for marketing analysts, as you might expect, is to keep an...

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Ways social channels have slipped into financial services

Published on Datastores

In all the excitement about Fintech, blockchain and newer disruptions, it is easy to dismiss the growing impact of social channels on financial services. Its immediacy and associated ‘bubble’ tendencies have both been discussed at length in response to recent world events including Brexit and the US presidential elections. Lesser attention has...

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Can artificial intelligence deliver greener data centres?

Published on Rainmakers

Green data centres are perhaps best described as ‘work in progress’. But the drive towards greener data centres, vital for environmental sustainability, may just have taken a huge step forward this month. Enter artificial intelligence Last week, data science researchers at Lancaster University announced that they had managed to develop...

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