Filtering ideas – the constructive pushback

IT helpdesks get a bad press. The phrase ‘Have you tried switching it off and switching it on again?’ has long since passed into folklore and we can all laugh about it. But now IT helpdesk staff are fighting back. Recently, the heretical suggestion has been raised that it might even be that we, the

Closing the divide: from follower to leader in content globalisation

Content marketing is now mainstream. Everyone is doing it, and everyone understands its importance. A growing divide is opening up, however, between those who are doing it really well in a global context, and the rest. The best content marketing companies are better able to make their content relevant globally, and compare impact across markets.

Singapore: becoming the world’s first Smart Nation

Smart cities are ten-a-penny now, with large numbers of the world’s major cities engaged in improving digital services for their citizens. But Singapore is more ambitious. It doesn’t want to be just another smart city; instead, it is working towards becoming the world’s first Smart Nation. Plans for digital identity speeding up Singapore set up

The coming human:AI partnerships

Wherever you look, it seems that someone is talking up artificial intelligence (AI), or worrying about the threats that we face as a result of its introduction. Everywhere, however, there are different opinions, and no real picture of any kind of overall view. Silicon chip technology designer ARM saw the same problem, and the company

The role of loyalty schemes in customer experience

Customer loyalty schemes have come a long way since their early days, back in the 1890s(!) with Green Stamps, stamps given in return for purchases that could be exchanged for household goods. But modern loyalty schemes, whether card, mobile or online, have quite a lot in common with their predecessors, especially in their primary purpose.

The rise and rise of sustainability reporting

It can sometimes seem as if we live in a throwaway world. We all want the latest gadget, the newest model, and the old one is discarded. Anything that breaks is simply replaced. Unlike our grandparents, we don’t take things to be repaired, because it is not economically viable. But at the same time, there

Improving your impact with the Minto pyramid

A key challenge for subject matter experts is to improve their impact. Planning your personal editorial calendar is a way to ensure that your blog posts and other communications have some kind of structure to them, and you have thought about how they fit together. One very good approach to use for this planning is

AI in government: how public sector work will change

There has been a lot written about how AI will change the world of work. Fewer commentators, however, have set out how it might help governments around the world to achieve more for less. A report by Deloitte on that issue makes some very good points. The potential savings from even simple AI applications could

Is the healthcare community ready for chatbots?

Pressure is rising on healthcare systems around the world. Ageing populations, the increased cost of medical care, and more and better treatments have combined to create a situation that might reasonably be described as a ticking time-bomb. Pretty much every developed country in the world is looking round for ways to manage increased demand within